The Atlanta Institute for Advanced Education is committed to supporting the educational process, as well as the ongoing growth of the professional community. The institute’s facility is located in Atlanta, Georgia, conveniently close to the area's best restaurants, shopping, and hotels. The state-of-the-art facility has comfortable theater seating with individual high-speed internet access and electronics in each chair. The facility allows stimulating lecture formats, as well as interactive live surgical and clinical demonstrations. Audiovisual technology provides high definition visuals as well as sound. Whenever you are planning to give an educational program or attend a course at the Atlanta Institute for Advanced Education, you can be assured of having an exceptional educational experience.


"Tolerance, it is true, demands that we respect differences of belief. But as already recognized by Leonardo da Vinci, to the degree that the truth becomes better known, so general consensus will come to replace individual opinions." -- Thomas Mann, 1945


"There are significant demands on the world's top professionals. When they leave their offices to participate in continuing education, they expect more than just information. They expect to not only be educated, they expect to be inspired and even entertained. The Atlanta Institute for Advanced Education is the perfect venue for such a quality educational experience."


Edward J. Mills D.D.S. - Director of the AIAE



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